Hey! I'm Shayla

My Girl, Glad your here!

I'm a Wife & Mom of 3 who believes in Presence & Ambition.


Chase what fuels you. Be a flame. Surround yourself by those who seek growth, encourage each other through. Be vulnerable & open to love, know when to pause & be present. Seek God in all decisions. Trust the season your in. Eat well! Move your body. Know what fills your cup. You are who you say you are.


I bet our messages are similar plus or minus. Whatever version you say in whatever order works for you we are all constantly juggling glass vs rubber balls. Striving for the best version of ourselves will be messy but full of growth. I don't hit the mark every time by any means but these are some of the values I've set as an azimuth to get back on track when I often need reminding.


Motherhood is so dynamic, I am forged by it in all areas of my life. Every time I begin to think I've got it figured out a new level is unleashed. I am grateful for that... eventually. My current level: complete & uncomfortable vulnerability. Sticky note mantra, God has strategically placed you exactly where you are. Essentially my point is, maintaining your identity within motherhood is an emotional roller coaster and I want you to know you are not alone. I've found nothing but inspiration when I started the search of can I continue to advance within my career while still showing up for my family (eh uhm - 3 kids). There is no one way, it 100% requires support and creativity, there will be ugly hours, days, seasons to overcome, but you are not the first, only, or last mom to overcome them. Be encouraged!


I am the encourager. I am nerdy about food and fitness, we can go down all the rabbit holes. Parenthood is a beast, and sometimes my kids school me. I have ambitious goals. Intense training is my happy place it gives me clarity & confidence.


I'm in your corner,




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