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15 Fourth Trimester Gifts for MoM

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission (at no extra charge to you) should you choose to purchase a recommended product. Know that all products I recommend I evaluate and use myself or highly recommend for family/friends.

The 4th Trimester (12 weeks postpartum) is one of the topics at the forefront of maternal health & wellness. The lack of support for moms postpartum is receiving recognition, I'm curious to see how it all unfolds and what changes will occur within the healthcare system. As for now I for sure have made a pledge to advocate for moms being taken care of. For the family to thrive the mastermind(s) behind the scenes must thrive.

You know the whole mindset of self care didn't really resonate with me, I placed my whole being into motherhood and being a wife placing myself last with no hesitation. I had this image of who I was supposed to be as a wife/mom and was able to maintain that and my career. Until I couldn't... not because it's not possible but because I wasn't going about it in the right way. I'm now 5 mths postpartum with baby numero 3 and still working diligently to ensure I take care of me and preach that to all my moms! It's an intentional transition that requires work and celebrating the little wins! Filling your cup is absolutely necessary so that you can show up the best version of yourself for your family.

So what better way to encourage and advocate for Moms being taken care of during the 4th trimester than

A. Setting the example and requesting postpartum mom-centric gifts

B. Giving baby shower gifts to say I see you exhausted, working hard, giving it your all and I just want to take the load off or shower you with something specific for you, to remind you that you as an individual is just a valid as you being a mom. Good Mom doesn't = Do everything...

People will ask "can I do anything for you"? Your answer is always yes - OK!! If you need ideas here you go...

1. Food is a gesture of LOVE, ask for meals! There are so many ways to make this happen.

  • GRUBHUB/online gift cards

  • Friends/Family cook/bring meals

  • Freezer meals made beforehand

  • purchase pre-cut/pre-seasoned produce/meat you can always add to it

  • Subscription gift cards (Hellofresh, Sunbasket, Purple carrot, etc)

2. Water Bottle! Learn what encourages you drink H2O. Are you the water infused type, straw vs closed lid, 40 oz vs 12 oz, does the look of bottle get you? Whatever it is get creative and enjoy the little things. **We all should strive to drink half our body weight in ounces of water.

3. Hair love - Get your hair done, it's one less thing to worry about. A convenient protected style because otherwise it could just sit in a bun on top your head - nobody enjoys that being combed out.

4. Postpartum pads - So I didn't indulge in the postpartum pads right away but did try them out later and will ensure all of my girls receive a stack from me. Honeypot is by far my favorite!! Let me rave for a minute. Black female owned. Clean, plant-based products. Essential oil infused goodness there's no questioning if it's there you'll feel it. Literally! if your the heated seats kind of person you will appreciate the tingle.

Another option is fridamom, who is also female owned, she and her team have done a great job of making an entire line dedicated to postpartum moms. This "padsicle" is ready to go in one pop just like the hospital ones. You will need to add witch hazel pads to these. Listen don't rely on the hospital having extra stock - lesson learned there were no takeaways.

In the mood for a DIY, the OG way was jumbo pads with wings, pouring aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and a drop of lavender on it then freeze.

These ice pads are what got me hour to hour for the first 2 weeks, nothings worse than needing it and it's not frozen. So request a combo of the two ; )

5. Granny panties, I mean you need room for the pad. It just is what it is. I also purchased Hanes women's mid-thigh boxer briefs from target with my third and loved. Felt more secure and like shorts versus large ass underwear. Mesh disposable underwear is an available thing now - I'm not a fan of stretching thin material to max capacity my pad simply doesn't feel secure. Fridamom's version looks thicker and more secure, I would consider but haven't personally tried.

6. Postpartum care tote, There's alot to take to the bathroom with you this would make life easier = small win.

7. Maternity belly belt, I do not recall which brand I used but it was similar to this version. I trained with it mostly and wore during my 12 hour shifts, it was known as my belly bra. I had a hate love relationship with it but my pelvic floor therapist did recommend during pregnancy/postpartum.

8. Massage! Perinatal methods available.

9. Loose fitting comfortable clothes. Who doesn't love new shoes? Mama needs to get out of the house and walk it out!

10. Hospital gown, if you want to be really cute get a matching set for baby and mama.

11. Baby photo sesh while in the hospital, see if you get your hair done your set. If you choose not to, no judgement my hair was all over - I looked exactly how I felt. I love candid photos.

12. Hire a Sleep Trainer, empower with knowledge so healthy sleep habits are developed in baby early on.

13. Nursing Gear, if you so choose:

  • Haaka, I developed a strong dislike for pumping this time around, I was not into it. Then I spoke with Katelyn Johnson, RN of milkandmothering.com. This was a great meet in the middle and inexpensive. The bulk of my storage is from 2oz adding up consistently overtime.

  • Lactation goodies: snacks/teas

  • Nursing bras

  • Nursing tops

14. Anything that ties into a personal goal/hobby

15. Time, Offer time for her to go out by herself not to grocery shop or run errands just to go out and be.

See anything you enjoyed yourself on this list? Any new gift ideas that your excited to purchase for yourself or someone else? Please do share, I'd love to hear about your favs!

-Shayla Dena'

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