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MoM & ...The origin

Insight to why MoM & was created and the intention behind establishing this blog.

Illustrated by Hannah Minn

When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child what I needed most was to surround myself with mothers who had a positive work-life balance. Mothers not only telling me but serving as an example that it is possible to be an ambitious mom while still being present for my family.

A little context…

I finished a 12 month accelerated BSN program married with 1 child then started my first year as a new nurse 8 months pregnant on a badass Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit - CVICU. (Aaahhhmazing Experience where I was “RAISED” by some amazing Nurses and Intensivists - Must emphasize the greatness I was exposed to on that floor).

I survived y’all!!! I survived nursing school then I survived CVICU and was approaching the year mark where everyone tells you that’s when you really start to feel like YES I really can be a nurse. At this point my 2nd child is turning 1, his birthday party is literally that weekend y'all and my body is screaming at me your pregnant. I know before a test is ever administered. So as you can piece together this new career is really fresh and I am about to be 3 kids deep - I NEED HELP. I am in Sherlock Holmes mode anyone who strikes a conversation with me is asked these 2 questions despite the fact that they were random to the initial conversation.

1. How many kids do you have?

2. What does your wife do?

I needed ideas, I'm searching instagram, youtube, interviewing people about their life setup and how they make it happen if they did have 3+ kids. I still have goals people! I am AM-BIT-IOUS! (Handclap with me) and I don't want the message I send my kids to be I was gonna…but then I got pregnant. I believe in having both, there is no other option because I’m not finished yet.

I want you to be a MOM &… whatever the hell you envision yourself to be.

All of this to say I needed to see someone like me so when I'm not 100% and my brain is starting to tell me lies I had examples of women with a similar reality making it happen. I have found some amazing women/moms who are in the game of empowering other women and encouraging whoever they can. What’s amazing about social media, when you check yourself mentally and don't allow yourself to get caught in the comparison game, is there is so much opportunity and knowledge available at our fingertips. I want to be a part of the team of women who empower, I want to contribute to diversifying this space so together we can create a positive presence that resonates with our sisters, friends, moms and daughters as we navigate and pursue opportunities in life.

I am Shayla Simms, I am a Mom & Daughter, Sister, Friend, Nurse, Soldier, Athlete and I intend to continually challenge myself and chase excellence. My intent is to encourage women to advocate for themselves and preserve their identity. As well as protect their dreams/goals no matter what it is as that will look different for us all. I want us to demand yes in a world that will tell us every reason why you can’t.

I want you to be a MOM &… whatever the hell you envision yourself to be.

-Shayla Dena’

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